Beyond Two Souls Endings

All of the endings Beyond: Two Souls are based on letting live of die the characters of the game, also to the final choice regarding the game - life or beyond -. Here we wanted to list all the various endings inside the video game.

Everyone Lives - Chose Beyond

To obtain this final, you will need to allow every character of the game live. After the video game, choose to go towards the Infraworld.
  1. Walter & Jimmy - Save the first on the first floor of the structure burning down in chapter "Homeless", rescue the second one on the second floor.
  2. Inside the chapter Navajo, as soon as Paul will be assaulted by a creature, carry him at home and cure him.
  3. Save your mom Norah: you'll be offered the chance to stop her heart with Aiden, just don't do it and walk away.
  4. Ryan & Cole - The first will magically seem risk-free following the death of Dawking (tell him to Move twice), the second one has to be healed on the same chapter simply by Aiden.

Everyone Dies - Chose Beyond

In order to get this final you have to do the opposite of ending 1, next select Beyond. Within the latest chapter of the video game, don't solve virtually any QTE, Jodie will die and you'll obtain this extra final.

Live with Jay

Opt to spend your lifetime along with Jay at the conclusion, after having selected Life. Ultimately Aiden definitely will return.

Live with Zoey

Select Life at the conclusion of the video game and spend your lifetime along with Zoey. Everyone else can easily live or die, your choice.

Live Alone

Even here, you can allow everyone live or die, and then at the conclusion select "Life" and choose to spend your lifetime alone. beyond two souls ending zoey

Live with Ryan

Spend your life together with Ryan, after having selected Life. At some point within the last scene Aiden will certainly return.

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