How to make money in GTA 5?

Many of you requested me to create this down, so here I am, describing you how to make money in GTA 5. Hidden Packages At times in your common walk around the map you'll find hidden packages that are well worth $5.000 or maybe more. You may want to recognize that now there are lots of them, they just have to be noticed.


In the video game you will find assassination task in which you are usually needed to kill a target. Following the quest the stocks will certainly substantially fluctuate, hence you should definitely invest smartly.


Make investments in the Merryweather Security after the completion of the game: their stocks will certainly drop, permitting you to acquire a variety of them, and after that their value will definitely raise up again. gta 5 trailer

Rob people near ATMs

Track people nearby ATMs. After they had been near one of them, beat and consequently steal them, then escape the police.


Inside GTA 5 there are some supermarkets which may be robbed. Target the cashier and consequently wait till he collects the cash. Then escape. If you try to rob for a second time a previously conned shop, be cautious because the clerk probably have purchased a weapon.

Complete the Heists

The most remunerative making money technique within this video game is unquestionably to perform the 4 primary heists. Inside the jewellery shop heist (the very first within the game) you will gain a lot. Simply make certain to steal the cabinets situated on the center, and to choose the best crew.

Steal an armored truck

If you identify an armored vehicle on the map, locate it and blow its back in order to get the cash from it. You may want to escape the police then.


If you asked me which is the greatest cash making technique in the real world, I'd personally declare it is saving. I might say that within GTA 5 too. Think of your own costs or you might go bankrupt (but try not to go crazy, it's actually a video game!).

Top 2013 Videogames Chart

The last year has been very rich and revolutionary concerning video games, thanks also to the launch of the next-gen consoles. Let's analyze 2013's 5 top videogames:

5. Batman: Arkham Origins

So the Dark Knight makes it to the 5th position, actually a good position for a game which does not currently have important innovative developments when compared to previous game of the collection, nevertheless which happens to be fun and also enjoying to relax and play.

4. Tomb Raider

We were looking forward to an exciting new Tomb Raider, hoping to see a next-gen Lara, struggling with new tombs, new secrets, innovative (next-gen) sensuality. Crystal Dynamics achieved this although duty, and allowing us know a new Lara, who isn't courageous, who is not the powerful woman we knew. Crystal Dynamics tells the storyline of a youthful Lara, but doesn't fail to do it. tomb raider 2013 walkthrough

4. Battlefield 4

Battlefied 4 gets this fourth position, due to its new implementations along with graphics updates. The Levolution system is definitely incredible, and many gamers were left astonished having looked at the first trailer of it. Get your gun right now making a skyscraper drop face-to-face with your eyes, it can be a great experience.

3. Bioshock Infinite

The Bioshock series is probably undervalue by videogamers, nevertheless since we all just didn't miss this video game, we were able to test and then find the depth of this title. Wonderful plot, charming characters, unbelievable level design along with revolutionary gaming, precisely what else would you wish from a video game?

2. GTA 5

GTA 5 merits this second position, the hype it created among all the videogamers is huge, also it decided not to fail to meet the expectations. Enormous map, wonderful gameplay along with charismatic characters are the key points of this video game. If you'd like to play an easy but complete and well-made totally free roaming game, and you also don't worry about the depth and also the tangles of the plot, good, this game is perfect for you.

1. The Last of Us

At the top of our podium there is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Naughty Dog, their new survival videogame. The Last of Us receives this place due to the incredible plot he works with, thanks to the characters that populate the game (however mainly to the protagonists), and due to the framework where the story is told - or far better, played -. The Last of Us is superior to the majority of movies at telling a story articulate, touching and full of emotions.

Top 2014 Movies Chart

2013 has been a wonderful year in terms of movies. Now that 2014 started off all of us feel like we must remember you which movies may come out this year.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

A film inspired by Marvel's comics, Capitan America: The Winter Soldier is also the sequel of Capitain America: The First Avenger. It has been two years from the events of The Avengers, and then Steve Rogers is trying to adapt to the community. However he's quickly involved in something enigmatic, and along with Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and also Falcon, he has to battle a new enemy - The Winter Soldier.


When in 1998 went the umpteenth Godzilla's remake, I quickly thought it would have been another one, sooner or later. Right after 16 years, I'm very pleased I guess it. Godzilla is coming out, again. This time with huge CGI and also American direction.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Michael Bay hits again, despite his silly performance at CES 2013 promoting Samsung Tvs. The fourth sequel of the Transformer series is coming out on June 27. However no information regarding the storyline, but for sure it will likely be worthy of the prequels, as always.

The Hobbit: There And Back Again

The third sequel of the series, follow up to The Desolation of Smaul. It is confirmed also that it's going to be the final one: simply no new movies are scheduled nowadays.

Outsider - How To Train Your Dragon 2

And finally an outsider, for the category: "computer animation", How To Train A Dragon 2. It has been 5 years since the events of the initial movie. Now dragons and Vikings are in peacefulness as well as the gangs use to challenge in dragon competition. Hiccup together with Toothless discover an ice cavern with many wild dragons. They are instantly in the middle of a battle which threatens the serenity, and they've to protect the things they believe in.

Motorola Moto G - Accurate Review

It was in August 2012 that Google acquired Motorola. Most of my buddies lost trust in Motorola, although I believed that they were planning something Here we are, around a couple of years afterwards, analyzing the most competitive device due to its cost -- the Motorola Mota G --.


The Motorola Moto G is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, featuring 4 cores at a clock speed of 1.2 Ghz. The hardware is surely not really top-notch, nevertheless at the same time will surely never disappoint you (It's actually a quad core!). Moto G offers 1GB of RAM with an internal memory (non-expandable) of 8/16 GB. motorola moto g flip cover We discussed the lacks of this smartphone, however we need to identify the good things also: the display (4,5inches HD) of the Moto G is absolutely wonderful as well as full of intense colours. A 2070 mah battery is placed within the back cover, letting the product go through a day with not much problems. Unfortunately, it hasn't NFC or maybe LTE.


As opposed to various other high quality mobile phones made of plastic material (*cough* Galaxy S4... *cough*), the phone is very handy. Due to its sizing, it is rather ergonomic.


The Moto G runs Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, the most recent version. Motorola personalized it with some of its applications, that are really useful and not garbage like other brands (*cough* Samsung *cough*). motorola moto q review It handles the RAM well, closing unneeded apps without causing delays. Actually during the web browsing, in the most quite heavy web sites, it performs well (despite the presence of Chrome as default browser).


The Moto G comes with a rear camera of 5 Mpx and a front digital camera of 1.3 Mpx. Performances aren't very good, however sufficient to take great photos in decent light conditions.

Final Words

We never talked about the cost of this device, 179$ for the 8 GB version and 199$ for the 16 GB version. The competition can only be overwhelmed by this tactical cost, that will guarantee Motorola numerous sales. If you are looking for a cheap device and you're simply mindful of the deficiency of the Moto G and you do not mind them, get it now!

Beyond Two Souls Endings

All of the endings Beyond: Two Souls are based on letting live of die the characters of the game, also to the final choice regarding the game - life or beyond -. Here we wanted to list all the various endings inside the video game.

Everyone Lives - Chose Beyond

To obtain this final, you will need to allow every character of the game live. After the video game, choose to go towards the Infraworld.
  1. Walter & Jimmy - Save the first on the first floor of the structure burning down in chapter "Homeless", rescue the second one on the second floor.
  2. Inside the chapter Navajo, as soon as Paul will be assaulted by a creature, carry him at home and cure him.
  3. Save your mom Norah: you'll be offered the chance to stop her heart with Aiden, just don't do it and walk away.
  4. Ryan & Cole - The first will magically seem risk-free following the death of Dawking (tell him to Move twice), the second one has to be healed on the same chapter simply by Aiden.

Everyone Dies - Chose Beyond

In order to get this final you have to do the opposite of ending 1, next select Beyond. Within the latest chapter of the video game, don't solve virtually any QTE, Jodie will die and you'll obtain this extra final.

Live with Jay

Opt to spend your lifetime along with Jay at the conclusion, after having selected Life. Ultimately Aiden definitely will return.

Live with Zoey

Select Life at the conclusion of the video game and spend your lifetime along with Zoey. Everyone else can easily live or die, your choice.

Live Alone

Even here, you can allow everyone live or die, and then at the conclusion select "Life" and choose to spend your lifetime alone. beyond two souls ending zoey

Live with Ryan

Spend your life together with Ryan, after having selected Life. At some point within the last scene Aiden will certainly return.

Top 2013 Smartphones and Tablets Chart

Display Size 4" - 6"

iPhone 5S

Apple doesn't use to innovate significantly when creating a new iPhone, however the last year was different. Apple developed the first device designed with a 64-bit CPU, foreseeing their competitors. Truly the 64-bit Processor is not really useful, but in the future it'll make the main difference - if perhaps Apple is able to benefit from it -.


On top of our podium for this category there's the LG G2, a smartphone created by LG revealed in the course of August. The LG G2 tries to pay the sins of LG, with real innovation. The smart phone is supplied with a Snapdragon 800 2.3 Ghz Processor, 5,2" IPS FullHD, 2GB of RAM and a 13 Mpx digital camera. The intriguing reality relating to this smartphone is that its volume rocker along with power button are on its back cover. It will help out a great deal when within a call you need to raise up as well as lower the volume. However, if you wonder how to wake up your phone if it's placed on a table, LG thought it - with the double tap in order to wake up, the telephone awakens when you tap the display twice -.

Display Size 6"- 8.3"

Google Nexus 7 2013

The first place of the podium is actually obtained by the Google Nexus 7, the newest Google tablet created by Asus. It is designed with a Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 7 inches FullHD display. Unlike its predecessor, it features a rear 5 Mpx camera. It currently has the newest Android version, 4.4.2 Kitkat, and it's really sold at a small price. google nexus 7 2013 case

Display Size 8.3"- 10.6"

Microsoft Surface 2

The top of our chart is occupied by the Surface 2, the 2nd kind of the tablet produced in Microsoft. It is actually designed with the Nvidia Tegra 4 Processor, 2GB of RAM and a 10.6" FullHD display. It provides a movable stand on its back, thanks to which it can be placed in two different position. It is provided with the newest version of Windows, Windows 8.1, in addition to Office 2013 preinstalled. It offers additionally a full USB 3.0 port.

Top 2013 Technology Products Chart

Some of you asked me to perform a list of the highest 2013 product. I was thinking a whole lot about this, it was not very simple to choose which has been the most significant products of the entire year. However after having a bit of time I finally managed to compose it down, you certainly have to look at it!

5th - Steam Machine

We're able to definitely say just how Valve and Steam revolutionized videogames and video gaming generally. Few months ago Gabe Newell, Steam's creator, launched the Steam Machine, a product which will be capable to integrate PC's potentiality along with home consoles' comfort. carpet magic steam machine

4th - Oculus Rift

The augmented reality viewer isn't some type of science fiction, it is real - however, not so famous or integrated with the contemporary technologies -.

3rd - Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia has gone crazy this current year, with a lot of top-notch smartphone that stands for camera quality. The best of them, certainly, is the Lumia 1020, whose quality can be compared to a low-end reflex camera.

2nd - Xbox One

Microsoft made a legendary fail at Xbox One presentation, but absolutely they paid their own mistakes, and after this Xbox is fighting side to side with PS4 (even though having a mild disadvantage). Who will win? Only the number - and the quality, certainly - of the exclusives will reveal that.

1st - HTC One

When it comes to build quality together with software optimization, you won't ever go wrong with HTC. The HTC One is without a doubt fast, handy and full of interesting features. It feels - and it's also - “premium”. You are able to stress it however you want, but you will definitely not notice any kind of lag, period.

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