Top 2014 Videogames Chart

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 will be the ending chapter of the story of Geralt of Trivia. It will go out only for next-gen games consoles and also PC. It is expected to have an increased graphics as well as open-world structure.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is surely an open-world action/adventure video game created by Ubisoft. It works with the storyline of Aiden Pierce, a hacker who can essentially hack every structure in a Chicago managed by a system referred to as ctOS. We do not know anything at all the storyline however.

Infamous: Second Son

PS4 owners are actually thinking about the launch of Infamous: Second Son. It'll be placed 7 years right after the "good" final of Infamous 2. A lot of the Conduits have survived the blast, therefore the government has created a company with the task to halt them. The protagonist of the video game, Delsin, discovers he is a Conduit as well, and so starts his war against the DUP (Department of Unified Protection). Titanfall Titanfall is surely an online multi-player video game developed by Respawn Entertainment, which is focused on a first person shooter gameplay. In every match there is a maximum of 12 players. The players can jump on walls, so the game is centered on verticality. There are also the Titans, huge mech soldiers controlled by the players, which can suddenly overturn the destiny of a match. Quantum Break We really don't know much about Quantum Break, expect for the fact that is a 3rd person shooter videogames and also the protagonist can manipulate the time. Halo 5 Microsoft is certainly going insane within 2014, with lots of quality video games planned for this year. One is the new Halo, revealed with a teaser trailer at E3 2013. halo 4 release date


Destiny is not a common fps or maybe mmorpg. This is a combination of them. Destiny, in accordance with most players, will definitely revolutionize the fps world, due to its open-world asset and its rpg features.

Tom Clancy's The Division

One more game we now have hype for is The Division. It is a MMORPG using a third person shooter asset. It's produced by Ubisoft. Several trailers as well as gameplay videos happen to be released recently, and in addition they convinced us that it will be considered a masterpiece.

The Order 1886

One more video game you need to look on is The Order 1886. It's going to be launched inside Q3 2014, and it will feature action/adventure qualities. the order 1886 gameplay demo

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 is a role-playing open world video game, made by From Software. It will be revealed for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. So, virtually no next-gen games consoles. But we all know it isn't the graphics which makes a video game, therefore keep an eye on it if you're a fan of hardcore video games.

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