Latest Nexus vs LG's flagship

Difference between Nexus 5 and LG G2

The greatest LG's phone becomes the next Nexus As if days of extravagantly explained leaks had not said previously, Google's new Nexus 5 device is founded on LG's fantastic G2. Some of the actual specs have been trimmed down in the transition to a lower cost point - that include the smaller 2300mAh battery and lower-resolution 8-megapixel camera - nevertheless most of what makes the G2 this type of compelling product has been retained. Sharp, precise, crisp, with awesomely deep blacks: every one of these incredible features are shown off since the Nexus bootup animation. The processor remains the top-notch Snapdragon 800, and also you will still have LTE connectivity just like LG's original. nexus tablet The biggest change, other than the Android KitKat heart beating inside the new device, is inside the looks. An austere matte cover is opted by Google's Nexus 5, and on its shoulders, power together with volume buttons traditionally located. That is a notable departure from the polished patterned back of the G2 and its centrally installed physical keys. The G2, using its designed chassis and much more strongly specced, continue to draw in power users, though Nexus 5 might appear an upgrade. Naturally, when you use the two phones much more extensively, some smaller variations can easily be found. The headphone jack on the Nexus 5 is at the top versus the bottom placement on the G2, as the Micro USB port, although placed identically, is oriented diversely on the two devices. That means the Nexus 5's slot is certainly inverted relative to the G2's. Finally, an highlight that does not make any functional difference, is definitely the round earpiece upon the Nexus 5: it is uncommon and it provides the device a bit of its own character.

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