Battlefield 4 - Review and Levolution overview

So many people have been waited for the releasing of Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter videogame. It was introduced on October 29, 2013. Sequel to Battlefield 3 developed by DICE and published by EA. Now that we know generally what's Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter video game, we'll discuss about it

Gameplay features

Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4have some variations. In the last, as an example, we have some completely new great features. The player can swim underwater to prevent enemies, counter melee assaults and use dual-scoped weapons. You've got the possibility, inside the multiplayer, to decide which groups you'll be element of. Battlefield 1942 had the leader mode, as well as in Battlefield 4 has been included too. Favor the player, dynamically alter the battlefield, thus changing, nonetheless, drastically physiognomy of the map, are all options that come with Levolution. We discovered exactly the same four kits from Battlefield 3: Engineer can be used with PDWs; Assault has now to wait to recharge his defibrillator till making use of it; the Recon is able to use far more accessories and optics to his sniper rifle, in addition to make use of carbines and C4; Support can use remote mortar. battlefield 4 forums The greatest innovation within Battlefield 4 is unquestionably the morphology of the game map: we will analyze it.


The biggest Levolution occasion in this map is made through enhancing the pression of a couple of pipes located within an subterranean passage, around flag B along with D.

Flood Zone

The biggest Levolution event within this map is created by destroying the levee around the flag B.

Golmund Railway

Detonate the explosives positioned all around the map. Sadly, this will likely not really trigger a good amount of changes. Hainan Resort The most significant Levolution feature within this map is focused on the hotel at flag B. Demolish the right as well as left side of the hotel, in order to open new routes and close older ones.Lancang Dam If you want to induce the Levolution system within this map you must destroy the levee on the North. Consequently, have fun with the breakdown. battlefield 4 wiki

Operation Locker

If you would like cause Levolution in this map you need to try to make the guard tower near flag C breakdown. A new route will certainly open, do not pass through it in case you are claustrophobic. battlefield 4 levolution guide

Paracel Storm

Any time there will be a bad water and also on the windmill will be burning, just destroy it down and have fun with the collision.

Rogue Transmission

In order to cause the Levolution system within this map, you will need to rive the five wires which keep the dish situated in the center of the map. battlefield 4 zavod 311 gameplay

Siege of Shangai

Most likely the hugest Levolution alterin all the maps. Demolish the support beams which keep the skyscraper, have a seat and then enjoy. battlefield 4 rogue transmission destructionZavod 311 Detonate the bomb by just activating the countdown on the laptop based close to flag D. The chimney will drop, hindering the route between the two structures for vehicles. battlefield 4 hainan resort conquest

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