The next gen and its limits

Exactly what you can't do with your PlayStation 4?

The last Sony's console makes clear some misunderstandings. Sony released a large FAQ within the PlayStation Blog explaining the PS4’s capabilities and also restrictions. We discovered several recently discovered limits regarding the console, considering they are not well-documented, otherwise from the features. PlayStation fans have long expected a way to change their PSN ID names. Regrettably, they must keep waiting. Optimistically the fact your friends list can now accommodate 2000 people is definitely a great consolation reward. You can record, stream, as well as share any game you wish, but particular areas could possibly be off limits. Together with shared video clips, you can not be able to add voice overs. Nonetheless you can talk live, as a streaming. Additionally, the Share button can add gameplay videos to a Facebook account, or maybe it will allow you to stream gameplay to Ustream or Twitch. Taking a page from the Wii’s playbook, the PlayStation 4 does not play CDs. It also won’t support MP3 playback, neither will it include a music visualizer. With the introduction of Music Unlimited, a cloud-based music service by Sony, these types of decisions are more understandable. Remote Play will not function over 3G. You need a WiFi connection, if you want to stream PlayStation 4 gameplay to your PS Vita. PS4 together with Remote Play will be used inside the same WiFi network, like suggested by Sony. DualShock 3 controllers don't work with the PlayStation 4, nor PS3 Blu-ray remotes. Your move controllers work with the PlayStation 4, only with video games developed for the new system. Lastly, PS3 Bluetooth headsets don't work with the PS4.

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